Why is it called The Human Jib?

Author: Mike Brown, Founder and CEO

I’m often asked how I personally got started in this industry, and why is the company called The Human Jib?

Camera OperatorsI actually stumbled into this career when I was 15 while attending a large church that was on TV. I started working part-time as a Grip, and eventually began running camera and jib. While I was running handheld one Sunday, I inadvertently created a shot that was nicknamed the “Human Jib” – The name stuck.


Camera Operator - NBAAfter graduating high school, a co-worker from the church introduced me to the Broadcast Director for the Spurs. I emailed him my resume, and several months later got a call from an IATSE Crew Coordinator to start working as a Utility for the Spurs broadcasts. Halfway through my 2nd season, I was given the opportunity to start running camera for the NBA.


jib-operator-cox-studiojpgWhen I moved to Phoenix in 2007, one of my former Directors wrote a recommendation that got me added to the local IATSE crew list as a Camera Op and Jib Op. When the Super Bowl came to town in 2008, I had several back-to-back gigs that helped establish my spot in the new market. Before long, I was running camera and jib regularly for NBA, MLB, and NFL broadcasts.


I registered thehumanjib.com in 2008 to market myself to various productionFirst Website Screenshot companies that came into town. If the production company needed me to provide a jib, I would rent one from a local rental house. I eventually bought a round Jimmy Jib, and then a few years later, a Triangle. I formed an LLC for liability production, and then I later restructured to an S Corp and expanded services nationwide.

Today, The Human Jib, Inc. has 3 regional offices, and serves the Film and TV Industry in 18 major US cities.