NAME                                ENDORSEMENT

Kevin Cochran
Senior Technical Director
"Mike’s experience and creativity added tremendous value to our live MSNBC event in Las Vegas. Even in a tight space with little time, Mike was performing beautiful moves with precision and creativity. His flexibility, strong work ethic, and ability to anticipate the needs of the director makes him a desired member of any production team. Looking forward to more work with The Human Jib!"

Jim Hanley
Creative Director
Simpson Strong-Tie
“Mike Brown, a.k.a. The Human Jib, is the consummate professional. Watching him work is like watching an orchestra conductor guiding his musicians through mid air. With a balanced mix of ballet and olympic weightlifting Mike delivers ultra-motion visual storytelling that will amaze you and bring your projects to another level. I look forward to working with Mike in the future."

Elmar Lamarques
Financial Director / Owner
“The shoot went very well. I really enjoyed running your jib. Really good gear, worked perfectly, and your crew was exceptional. The jib tech spent all day with me and was a big help. He is really a good guy and a great asset. I couldn't be happier. I found other options for almost half of the price but I'm happy I hired you guys. We don't do a whole lot of events in NYC but we will definitely do some more work in the future."

Robert Dodd
Director of Production
“Hired The Human Jib for our broadcast of the San Antonio New Year's event. His Jib shots were always spot on and his talent with finding the perfect shot and adding movement was 100%. He anticipated what was needed by listening to what was happening with the show in the production truck through PL and being ready. If I needed a jib shot I could count on it being there at anytime during the 2 1/2 hour live broadcast. Excellent work!!
Top Qualities: Expert, On Time, Creative"
Wes Williams
Executive Producer
GK Films
"For the freaking rain we had and how badass your guys were for sticking it out, there's not a single thing I could complain about. They were both awesome and I really enjoyed working with them and chatting the few moments of time I could throughout the day. A+ for sure. We'll 100% be in touch with you for all future productions."

Johnny Carroll
Production Coordinator
Corduroy Media
"Excellent job on the Port of Houston Bridge Repair shoot. [The client] was very happy with the footage that you captured and was impressed with the professionalism of the crew."

John Haslam
Skystorm Productions
"Wow...what a pleasure it was working with The Human Jib. As a producer for an independent production company it is critical for me to assemble good crews that our directors can enjoy working with. Mike was awesome to work with. Most importantly he was very talented and worked hard for every shot. After 5 minutes of working together my director pulled me aside and gave me the thumbs up."
John Giannini
Editor / EVS Operator
"I have worked with Mike on many occassions like Superbowl concert shows, NBA , and NHL shows. He is is great at picking up the little things that I can use in rollouts and reteases that I cut. He is also a very steady camera op and always pays attention to when he is tallied or in a record source in the truck. That makes my job easier when it comes to replays and editing. Bottom line is, I can always use what he shoots."

Benjamin Smith
Creative Director
S/Co Designs
"Mike is one of the best Jib Ops I have ever worked with. I never have to think about what's coming from him because he's always shooting great images. He's always ready to get the job done, and has a great time doing it. You can tell he loves what he does, and I would be honored to have him on my crew anytime."

Chris McMurtry
Broadcast Director
Portland Trail Blazers
"When traveling around to the various NBA cities, you see quite a range of abilities in camera operators. Mike Brown in Phoenix is certainly one operator who has the skills to help make your show easy to cut. He is steady, quick to get the shot and his work ethic is excellent. During timeouts, some guys just set down their camera when not asked specifically to get a shot, but not Mike. During my last Phoenix Suns game, Mike spent almost every timeout getting those extra shots including some great stuff with Coach Porter and Shaq on the bench."