JIB SPECS                                                                           Our Jimmy Jibs can be assembled in multiple configurations. Each configuration comes complete with the remote head system, controllers, HD video monitor, remote lens control for almost any lens (ENG, LANC, EF, and PL / Cine), and a remote follow-focus. We can also provide jib tracks (straight and curved), custom dollies (studio and off-road), and custom mounts (for vehicles and truss).

Our jib sizes are listed below.

jib sizes - jimmy jib sizes
CAMERAS AND OTHER GEARWe have great relationships with gear suppliers around the country. If you would like us to organize a camera or equipment rental, just ask.
RATESjib operator rates - jib operator rate card

For all Jib, Movi, and Ronin rentals, an operator or tech must be provided by The Human Jib.

Some jobs may require a Jib Assist in addition to an Operator.

LOCAL LABORThe Human Jib, Inc. is headquartered in Austin, TX, with regional offices in Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Additionally, we employ local Jib Ops and tech crews in 20 major cities across the US, so you can be confident that your costs and quality of service will stay consistent from coast to coast.

Contact us to discuss availability based on the needs of your show.