JIB SPECS                                                                           Our Jimmy Jibs can be assembled in multiple configurations. Each configuration comes complete with the remote head system, controllers (Model 4C), 2 HD-SDI video monitors, remote lens control for almost any lens (ENG, LANC, EF, and PL / Cine), and a remote follow-focus. We can also provide custom jib dolly tracks, custom dollies (studio and off-road), and custom mounts (for vehicles and truss). If your DP or operator specifies they remote head wheels or the "old style" controllers (Model 3 or 4), that can be accommodated as well.

Our jib sizes are listed below.

jib sizes - jimmy jib sizes
CAMERAS AND OTHER GEARWe can provide cameras, lenses and other camera support gear. We also have great relationships with gear suppliers around the country. If you would like us to organize a specific equipment rental, just ask.
RENTAL & LABOR RATESjib operator rates - jib operator rate card

To prevent injury and misuse of or damage to any equipment, a qualified worker must be provided by The Human Jib for all Buggie, Jib, and Camera rentals. Even if you wish to only rent a jib and provide your own operator, a crew member from The Human Jib must accompany the jib and be present at all times while the jib is in use. Please contact us if you have any questions.

All our Jib Ops are qualified to build the jib and troubleshoot on the spot if technical issues occur. Some jobs may require an Assist or a Tech in addition to the Operator.

LOCAL LABORThe Human Jib, Inc. is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona with a local presence in virtually every city coast to coast. In addition to our core team of contractors listed on the Crew page, we also partner with experienced Jib Owner/Operators across the country. We are extremely picky with who we put on the controls, so you can be confident that the quality of every shot will be consistent on every show.