Why Should I Hire The Human Jib?

Creativity, experience, and service. All 3 are important, and all 3 must exist together for a jib operator to safely get the right shot, from the right position, the first time. As a result, you save time, money, and stress while maximizing your production value. We’ve had many clients tell us that they were never […]

How Safe is a Jib?

The Jimmy Jib itself is a very safe tool when operated by a qualified professional. We take safety seriously, and place it above anything else. We constantly monitor our work areas for potential hazards, and we are always aware of our operating space. If we have a safety concern at any time, we will bring […]

Does The Human Jib Have Insurance?

The Human Jib carries a $1,000,000 General Liability insurance policy specialized for the Entertainment and Film Industry. In addition, we also carry a $1,000,000 Workers Comp policy and a $1,000,000 property policy. A specimen copy of our Certificate of Insurance can be viewed at the link below: The Human Jib – Certificate of Insurance   […]

Do You Provide Your Own Cables?

Stingers, SDI, and XLR – We will provide adequate cabling for AC/DC power, audio, and video. We do prefer that the production company provides cabling if the runs are longer than 100ft. Triax or Fiber – Transmission cables and will need to be provided by the production company with at least 50ft of excess cable placed […]

How Long Does it Take to Set Up a Jib?

The answer really depends on the size of jib, vehicle access to the set, and if there is more than 1 person building it. We typically request at least 2 hours to load-in, set up, and fax. Setup time for the jib itself may only take an hour, and then mounting the camera/lens, balancing the […]

Human Jib

A “Human Jib” is a type of handheld shot that remains smooth and steady as the camera “booms” around an object. In some scenarios where a jib cannot be used, we can create handheld shots that appear to be from a jib or steadicam. Here are a few examples:

Great Christmas Light Fight

 The Great Christmas Light Fight is a reality show on ABC that features families from across America who are competing for a $50,000 prize for having the greatest Christmas display. Triple Threat Productions, a subsidiary of FremantleMedia, produces the show, and The Human Jib was brought in during Season 2 to shoot several episodes as the show […]

Multi-tasking with Coordination

When a Jib Operator is starting out, it can be difficult to coordinate booming with tilting and panning.  And when lens control is added to the mix, it can be even more intimidating. Some Jib Operators who haven’t yet developed that level of coordination require an Assistant to boom the jib arm while the Jib Operator […]

Using Your Foreground

The thing that makes a jib shot look so great is having a foreground to relate to. When you’re intentional about framing foreground elements in your jib shots (i.e. something to boom around, over, or through), you open up an infinite number of creative possibilities for shots, and your Director will love you for it! To […]

Lighting Design

Although our company’s primary focus is on cameras and jibs, our team has more than 20 years of combined lighting design experience for live events. We’d like to share a few concepts that we discuss during our consultations with church Lighting Designers and Lighting Operators: Setting the Tone – We are immersed in a culture that’s focused on media […]

Camera Operator Guidelines – Hard Cameras

Below are some general guidelines for Hard Camera Operators when shooting EFP (live multi-camera) events such as concerts or keynote presentations:   Flexible Lead Room – The amount of lead room in a shot should be adjusted based on the angle of the person being shot. If the person is turned 90-degrees to the camera, there should […]

Phases of the Moon

Phases of the Moon was a grass-roots Illinois music festival at a 3000 acre park in Danville, Illinois. Multiple outdoor stages held nearly 80 music performances throughout the 4 day camping event. Tourgigs produced and directed the video portion of the event, and their sister company, Blastro Networks provided the live video stream to more than 36,000 online viewers. […]

Camera Operator Guidelines – Handheld

Below are some general guidelines for Handheld Camera Operators when shooting EFP (live multi-camera) events such as concerts, sports, or keynote presentations: Get In There – When you’re running handheld during music, you have every excuse to be ADD and move around. Let out some energy; get some exercise.  Get low; get high (not that kind of […]

Camera Operator Guidelines – All Cameras

Below are some general guidelines for Camera Operators and Jib Operators when shooting EFP (live multi-camera) events such as concerts or sports: Tally Lights – Pay attention to your tally.  If you’re tally is on, your shot is live.  Once that light comes on, you are already committed.  Don’t abruptly change or try to reset your shot.  […]

Camera Assignments and Responsibilities

Even though boundaries can seem limiting at times, we need them to avoid chaos. Stephen Proctor once said, “The greatest artists create their own boundaries to work within. It gives purpose to their work.” A sports team performs best, not when all the players chase after the ball, but when each player plays strategically in […]

2014 X Games Austin

Austin hosted the ESPN X Games this year, with more than 160,000 in attendance and 450,000 TV viewers. ESPN took a new approach for 2014, and turned what historically had been a sports event into more of a multi-day festival, including go-cards, zip-lines, virtual-reality arcades, food trucks, and 39 concerts in 4 days. TourGigs was contracted to broadcast the concerts […]

Microsoft Tech Ed Conference

Microsoft held their Tech Ed North America IT and Developers Conference this year at the George Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX. The week-long event was streamed live on Microsoft’s Channel 9 website. Freeman Audio Visual produced the event, and Microsoft’s Andres Coulter and Golnaz Alibeigi produced and directed the daily broadcasts. They did a great job, and made sure our […]

Remembering the Editors

Ever tried to edit someone else’s footage (or even your own) but none of the shots seem to have a defined beginning or end? That’s what happens when a Camera Operator bounces from shot to shot too quickly and forgets about the Editors.  It hinders the EVS Operators and Editors from having the instant replay ready for […]

Shooting with Creativity

Creativity is important when running camera.  A video production can seem less exciting for the viewing audience (and for the camera crew) if the same, uninteresting shots are repeated over and over. Try to move past the creative boundaries in your head.  Have fun! It’s reasonable to presume that if you’re having fun shooting your […]

Life In Color

    What do you do when a tree is blocking your jib shot?                 You cut it down!                 Now you can get a clear shot of the stage from your jib platform…             …and […]