Multi-tasking with Coordination

When a Jib Operator is starting out, it can be difficult to coordinate booming with tilting and panning.  And when lens control is added to the mix, it can be even more intimidating. Some Jib Operators who haven’t yet developed that level of coordination require an Assistant to boom the jib arm while the Jib Operator operates the robotics from a remote station. In certain scenarios, that may be acceptable, but not as much when shooting a live event like a concert.

The vast majority of Concert Directors expect their Jib Ops to simultaneously pan, tilt, boom, and zoom throughout the entire shot. It takes a high level of coordination and creativity to create fluid moves that are using all these functions together. But when these moves are consistently executed with precision, the production value of the entire show is increased.

Here are a few examples of shots we’ve executed that demonstrate this kind of coordination:

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