How Safe is a Jib?

The Jimmy Jib itself is a very safe tool when operated by a qualified professional. We take safety seriously, and place it above anything else. We constantly monitor our work areas for potential hazards, and we are always aware of our operating space. If we have a safety concern at any time, we will bring it to the attention of the Production Manager, or another person responsible for the shoot. At any time, continued safe operation of the Jimmy Jib is at the operator’s discretion.

As stated in our contract with each client, our jib(s) are rigged, operated, and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and that the representatives of The Human Jib will retain full and absolute control of the equipment at all times to prevent injury and misuse of or damage to any and all said equipment. The camera and lens will have 2 means of fixing to the jib arm (e.g. bolted and a safety cable). Regular visual checks for any obvious wear or damage to the equipment are carried out by the jib operator or technician. Maintenance is performed on a regular basis, and repairs are made as needed.

The Human Jib will always provide a trained technician or operator that can handle the equipment safely and efficiently.