Why Should I Hire The Human Jib?
  • Creativity, experience, and service. All 3 are important, and all 3 must exist together for a jib operator to safely get the right shot, from the right position, the first time. As a result, you save time, money, and stress while maximizing your production value.

    We’ve had many clients tell us that they were never satisfied with jib operators in the past, either because of arrogance, or a stale operating technique, or just plain indifference toward the production. The story seems to be the same everywhere we go… until they work with us, and they see that our experience, along with creativity and great service, makes all the difference!

  • Our crews show up on time with the right attitudes, and we work hard for every shot all the way to the end. Even then, our work isn’t finished just because we’re done striking our gear. We believe teamwork continues even after the show is over, so we will always offer to work through the strike, ensuring that there are enough hands to help with the load-out.

  • We believe every shot is part of a story, whether shooting live music, sports, or any other type of show. We shoot with an awareness of our surroundings, and we think several shots ahead so we often have the shot ready before the director calls for it. Our team understands music dynamics and can adapt when the room’s ambience changes. This allows our shots to flow seamlessly with the dynamics of the event or performance.

  • Some operators bounce from shot to shot with no consideration for the editors. Our camera operators are quick to get the shot, but we shoot with enough pad to make sure the editors have what they need. We don’t settle for ordinary. We consider our camera work as art, and we work hard at it.

  • When shooting handheld our operators will do what it takes to get the perfect shot. They are creative when needed and aggressive if necessary. They are able to control their breath to keep every shot fluid and steady from start to finish.

  • When running jib we constantly push creative limits by using the full range of the lens and precise movement of the jib. By utilizing the foreground in our shots, we can make an auditorium look like a mile-long football stadium; and with decades of combined experience, framing around obstacles on a small set comes naturally. Our jib moves are consistent, and when needed, we can give you a constant useable ISO, even between live moves.