For more than a decade, our team has been developing custom training materials for churches and music venues across America for Camera Operators, Jib Operators, Directors, Producers, Stage Managers, Lighting Designers, Graphics & ProPresenter Operators, and Audio Engineers.

Our blog contains snippets of the information covered in our hands-on courses, which can be set up as private or group lessons. Course materials are customized to fit your needs, and include video demonstrations, hands-on-exercises, and a reference book. Unlike most training courses, we don’t just take a “one-size fits all” approach; our teaching model is designed to train your team at your facility, using your unique equipment setup, on your schedule, with a curriculum that fits to how your organization operates.

At our foundation is a heart for teaching. So whether your church or music venue needs some guidance and direction to take your production to the next level, or you are an individual and would like some 1-on-1 coaching, we are here to serve you. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.


These blog entries are examples of the topics we discuss during training.

Shot Composition & Framing

Good shot composition will help make your camera shot pleasing to look at. Framing is the process of composing a shot. There’s a lot more on this subject that we discuss in our one-on-one and classroom training sessions, but for this post, we’ll look at  four basic elements: the rule of thirds, lead room, head […]

Shooting with Creativity

Creativity is important when running camera.  A video production can seem less exciting for the viewing audience (and for the camera crew) if the same, uninteresting shots are repeated over and over. Try to move past the creative boundaries in your head.  Have fun! It’s reasonable to presume that if you’re having fun shooting your […]

Remembering the Editors

Ever tried to edit someone else’s footage (or even your own) but none of the shots seem to have a defined beginning or end? That’s what happens when a Camera Operator bounces from shot to shot too quickly and forgets about the Editors.  It hinders the EVS Operators and Editors from having the instant replay ready for […]

Camera Assignments and Responsibilities

Even though boundaries can seem limiting at times, we need them to avoid chaos. Stephen Proctor once said, “The greatest artists create their own boundaries to work within. It gives purpose to their work.” A sports team performs best, not when all the players chase after the ball, but when each player plays strategically in […]

Camera Operator Guidelines – All Cameras

Below are some general guidelines for Camera Operators and Jib Operators when shooting EFP (live multi-camera) events such as concerts or sports: Tally Lights – Pay attention to your tally.  If you’re tally is on, your shot is live.  Once that light comes on, you are already committed.  Don’t abruptly change or try to reset your shot.  […]

Camera Operator Guidelines – Handheld

Below are some general guidelines for Handheld Camera Operators when shooting EFP (live multi-camera) events such as concerts, sports, or keynote presentations: Get In There – When you’re running handheld during music, you have every excuse to be ADD and move around. Let out some energy; get some exercise.  Get low; get high (not that kind of […]

Camera Operator Guidelines – Hard Cameras

Below are some general guidelines for Hard Camera Operators when shooting EFP (live multi-camera) events such as concerts or keynote presentations:   Flexible Lead Room – The amount of lead room in a shot should be adjusted based on the angle of the person being shot. If the person is turned 90-degrees to the camera, there should […]

Lighting Design

Although our company’s primary focus is on cameras and jibs, our team has more than 20 years of combined lighting design experience for live events. We’d like to share a few concepts that we discuss during our consultations with church Lighting Designers and Lighting Operators: Setting the Tone – We are immersed in a culture that’s focused on media […]