This blog category includes posts that discuss jib-related topics, such as operating techniques, equipment maintenance, and best practices. Periodically, we may also include advice and suggestions from some of the industry’s most experienced and respected operators.

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Multi-tasking with Coordination

When a Jib Operator is starting out, it can be difficult to coordinate booming with tilting and panning.  And when lens control is added to the mix, it can be even more intimidating. Some Jib Operators who haven’t yet developed that level of coordination require an Assistant to boom the jib arm while the Jib Operator…

Using Your Foreground

The thing that makes a jib shot look so great is having a foreground to relate to. When you’re intentional about framing foreground elements in your jib shots (i.e. something to boom around, over, or through), you open up an infinite number of creative possibilities for shots, and your Director will love you for it! To…